Real Estate Broker

Real estate sales and purchasing specialist at Île-des-Sœurs

A personalized and attentive service to realize your dreams

As a professional real estate broker, member of the Sutton Family, I play a vital role in the outcome of your upcoming transaction. From the planning of the sales strategy to the official signing of the deed, I will be with you every step of the way and throughout the negotiation process.

  • By using my services you will:
  • Receive a precise evaluation of your property’s fair market value;
  • Have access to a network of some 15,000 real estate professionals;
  • Profit from optimal marketing visibility thanks to the efficient use of many new technological platforms;
  • Be given access to a network of competent experts such as: assessors, surveyors, notaries, mortgage brokers, home staging specialists, etc.;
  • Benefit from full coverage against fraud, negligence or omissions, thanks to the protections offered by the OACIQ, the FARCIQ and the FICI;
  • Save time and money in a safe, professional environment.

By choosing to do business with a Sutton real estate professional such as myself, you earn «the privilege to be in a class of your own».


For Sale - Apartment

Reference : 15730895
200 Av. des Sommets, Verdun/Île-des-Soeurs
918 pc 1 2

For Sale - Apartment

Reference : 16738843
100 Av. des Sommets, Verdun/Île-des-Soeurs
832 pc 1 1

For Rent - Apartment

Reference : 10271171
299 Rue de la Rotonde, Verdun/Île-des-Soeurs
1430 pc 3 2

For Sale - Apartment

Reference : 19885740
50 Rue Berlioz, Verdun/Île-des-Soeurs
59.3 m² 1 1

For Sale - Apartment

Reference : 23470728
666 Rue du Bord-de-l'Eau O., Le Vieux-Longueuil
106.37 m² 2 1

For Sale - Apartment

Reference : 12289785
150 Rue Berlioz, Verdun/Île-des-Soeurs
86.4 m² 1 (1+1)

For Sale - Apartment

Reference : 26657877
392 Rue De La Noue, Verdun/Île-des-Soeurs
1074 pc 2 1

For Sale - Apartment

Reference : 26197420
250 Ch. de la Pointe-Sud, Verdun/Île-des-Soeurs
103.2 m² 2 2

Sold - Apartment

Reference : 12956835
60 Rue William-Paul, Verdun/Île-des-Soeurs
99.3 m² 2 1

Fleurette has been so helpful to me and my partner when we were looking for an apartment in Non’s Island, Montreal. Her extensive experience in real estate really shows when she deals wi...

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Roland Solenthaler

I have known Fleurette Jolicoeur for a number of years and have retained her services both as realtor and administrator for my properties in Montreal, Canada . She has demonstrated an exc...

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Juan Perez